SMS to +1 415-851-4154 and get the direction instantly

No need for 2G, 3G or 100G. One simple sms will change the way you travel.

How it works?

1 Send a SMS

Send a message origin : destination to +1 415-851-4154. You have to separate both origin and destination by colon(:)
Eg: Toronto : Montreal

2 Receive a SMS

As soon as Thikku receive a SMS, It will send you the direction information to same mobile number from which you sent a sms.

Try it out here


Beliefs behind Thikku


You don't need to know hi tech technology to use the service. Our ninjas only need to know how to send a SMS. Thats it.

Anywhere around the world

It works even in remote areas of the country where mobile internet is not available or not stable.

No need for smart phone

Our service works in any phone from Nokia 1100 to iPhone 5s. No Apps to install and no hassling updates.

More than all, It is Free, forever.